The Best Gaming Monitor Will Make Your PC Shine

Best Gaming Monitor

The best gaming monitor will make your PC shine. It is the final step in a long process from program to pixel, and as such you want to make the most of it with a great panel. One way to do this is by choosing an adaptive refresh rate that best suits your needs. This blog post describes what you need to know about them before making a purchase decision for your new gaming monitor!

The best gaming monitor will make your PC shine. Often overlooked in the process of building a computer, this device can transform what you see on screen and give life to games like never before! The display is an important element that connects with gamers at every level: from novice players trying out new titles for the first time or seasoned veterans putting their skills up against impossible levels; even professional eSports competitors rely heavily upon high-quality monitors during competition time trials.”

If you want the best gaming monitor, make sure it’s paired up with your graphics card. You may as well upgrade them both at once and get something like an ultrawide or 4K screen if they’re on different generations of hardware- because that will just be wasted money! It might seem difficult right now but there are options out there for everyone–even those who still use GeForce GTX 1060 cards can buy into this technology soon enough as prices drop over time anyway (and we know how much gamers love saving their cash).

4K gaming at silky-smooth frame rates?

Yes, please! You’ll need to make sure that you have a powerful enough graphics card, but once those new RTX or RX 6000 series GPUs come out they can drive 4k panels without any problems. 1440p often works better than higher resolutions for a smooth experience and if your rig isn’t up on the latest tech then I would recommend staying there instead of going too far past what’s required by current technology.”

So if you’re looking to buy a new gaming monitor, we’ve got your back. We tested hundreds of them and these are the best ones out there right now for gamers like yourself who want their money’s worth in quality!

Images Products Name Check Price
81fdHiIG1dL._AC_SL1500_ Monitor LG 27GN950-B Check Price
71Qqw8X2lJL._AC_SL1500_ Gigabyte G27Q Check Price
81iArWgwOKL._AC_SL1500_  Pixio PX277 Prime Check Price
714b7UD3yKL._AC_SL1500_  Acer Predator X38 Check Price
81SrmdgoKQL._AC_SL1500_ ROG STRIX XG17  Check Price

Best Gaming Monitor LG 27GN950-B

  • 27” UHD (3840 x 2160) Nano IPS Display
  • IPS 1ms (GtG) 144Hz with VESA DSC Technology
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro

The fastest, most responsive 4K gaming monitor

If you have an RTX 3080, RTX 3090, or RX 6800 XT then gaming in 4K is possible. Despite the significant power requirements for this high resolution and framerate rate, it can be done with top-of-the-line graphics cards!

The LG UltraGear is the perfect monitor for gamers looking to pack a powerful graphics card. This 27-inch, 4K Nano IPS screen features 144Hz refresh rates and 1ms response time – making it one of few high-speed display options available on today’s market! The wide color gamut and excellent viewing angles are also some impressive bonuses when considering this product as well.

The LG UltraGear 27GN950-B is the best gaming monitor because it has an IPS panel with exquisite image quality. It also offers beautiful colors and contrast, as well as fast refresh rates that help to provide smoothness for your games. G Sync provides stability in picture quality too.

Gigabyte G27Q Gaming Monitor

  • 27” 2560×1440 VA Displa
  • Smooth Gameplay with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
  • Studio Grade HDR Ready and 92% DCI-P3

At $330, the G27Q is one of the most affordable 1440p IPS displays on the market. It’s also loaded with features that are desired by gamers and provide rich color production along with smooth gameplay. With a 144Hz refresh rate to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable.

The Gigabyte G27Q is an affordable gaming monitor with a gorgeous panel. It doesn’t have the fanciest design, but it has all of those useful features that make gameplay more enjoyable and maximize your graphics card power.

Pixio PX277 Prime Gaming Monitor

  •  BenQ HDRi technology
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The best budget gaming monitor

The Pixio PX277 Prime is as close to a stripped-down experience for gaming monitors. This 27-inch 1440p panel provides flawless frames at 165Hz and it also has FreeSync, making your graphics card’s tears obsolete! The anti-glare screen will keep things looking bright in any environment – always an added plus with this option.

The PX277 Prime is a great option for gamers who are looking to upgrade their screen while still being on a budget. It has all of the features that you could want in an entry-level gaming monitor, and at such low prices – this TV will leave your wallet happy too.

The budget-friendly, but the performance-oriented screen is perfect for gamers who want to get the most out of their machine without investing too much money.

Acer Predator X38 Gaming Monitor

  • 37.5″ UltraWide QHD+ (3840 x 1600)
  • ZeroFrame Design
  • Predator GameView with 8 modes

The best widescreen curved gaming monitor

This is the perfect gaming monitor if you’re on a budget and want top performance without any frills. The Pixio panel has been designed with gamers in mind, giving them all they need from their screen at an affordable price point that won’t break down your bank account.

Despite the display’s large size, it is featherlight and thin enough to be worn on your head. The monitor features G-Sync technology with up to 175Hz variable refresh rates that make games look stunning in all their glory – especially when combined with a fast graphics card! If you’re looking for something truly spectacular then this might just do the trick thanks to its whopping 60 Hz Schermbeck panel which has an ultra-narrow 0z frame border making everything seem cleaner than ever before without any pesky pixels around borders or edges like traditional monitors have been known for overtime.

The 38-inch XR382CQK monitor is a great gaming option for those who want to truly feel like they are in the game. With ultra-wide resolutions and an immersive surround effect, this panel will have you feeling right at home with your desk as it fills up half of what’s visible before you!

Alienware 25 AW2521HF Gaming Monitor

  • Experience the best available in IPS Technology
  • Up to 99% sRGB color coverage
  • The unique cooling and venting design at the top

The best 240Hz gaming monitor

The AW2521HF is a gorgeous 240Hz gaming monitor that demands attention with its style and performance. This isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something different.

The lightning-fast response time in games like Valorant and Destiny 2 is sure to keep gamers happy. The Alienware 25’s 1080p IPS panel provides bright colors with little ghosting or artifacts for an immersive experience!

The Alienware 25 is one of the best gaming monitors because it has impressive viewing angles and can handle glare no matter where you set your screen. While there are some drawbacks like HDR capabilities, lack of contrast in bright rooms or when using as another desktop monitor portrait mode while working; this should still be considered an excellent choice for any gamer looking to play their games at high settings with plenty more detail than what most people see on modern TVs today.

ROG Swift PG259QN Gaming Monitor

  • 24.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080)
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC processor provides smooth
  • HDR10 compatible to enhance bright

The best 360Hz gaming to date

The ROG Swift PG259QN is the perfect gaming monitor for those looking to take their game up a notch. This overkill device even has features like analyzing your system latency so you can see which devices are affecting it, thanks to Nvidia Reflex and an RTX card (if used). Seeing how much laggy hardware or accessories may be in another room will make sure that unnecessary upgrades won’t occur without cause!

This is the perfect monitor for any competitive gamers out there. The Swift’s 240Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time will make sure you have an edge in every game, while its sleek design keeps up with today’s high-tech gaming trends! If your current screen doesn’t meet these standards or if you’re looking to upgrade from a lower Hz display then this particular model may be right up your alley – but hurry because we only got limited quantities available at our store so grab one quick before they sell out again.”

ROG STRIX XG17AHPE Portable Gaming Monitor ​

  • 17 3” Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Built-in battery provides up to 3 hours at 240hz refresh rate
  • Adaptive-sync to deliver a seamless tear-free gaming experience

Portable monitors are a thing, but they’ve never been this good. The ROG Strix XG17AHPE takes what made previous portable monitors such as Microsoft’s Continuum laptop solution great and improves on those features with even better performance than an average gaming desktop.

The 17-inch IPS display has a 240Hz refresh rate, along with an ultrafast 3ms response time. This makes it perfect for gamers on the go! You won’t have to sacrifice battery life either–the built-in 7800mAh extends gameplay up to two hours at least.

For just $500, you can get the XG17 monitor. It’s perfect for work and play.

Best Gaming Monitor FAQ

1. Should I go for an IPS, TN or VA panel?

IPS panels offer the best image quality, but TN screens can be cheaper. VA technology combines better color accuracy with improved contrast performance for a less expensive alternative to higher-quality technologies that is still great when it comes down to just what you need in your monitor

“IPS Panels Offer The Clarity Of Image And Viewing Angle That Few Other Panel Types Can Match.”

2. Should I go for a FreeSync or G-Sync monitor?

FreeSync and G-Sync monitors have been slowly replacing their Nvidia Graphics Card requirements over time. Freesync-compatible models now offer cheaper prices for gamers who don’t want to deal with an expensive AMD GPU or are looking to save some coin on a budget build.

3. Should I buy an HDR monitor?

HDR is coming to a game or an app near you, but not without some trade-offs. The higher contrast will offer more vibrant colors and greater detail that are sure to be worth it for many gamers; however, if your computer doesn’t have the best graphics card then this technology might disappoint since Windows native HDR function leaves much room for improvement in terms of making things look good (and sometimes even close enough).

Jargon buster – gaming monitor terminology

Refresh Rate (Hz)

You want your screen to be as smooth and fast-refreshing for gaming purposes. For example, 144Hz means the display refreshes twice in one second which is much better than 60Hz that only refreshes at about 44 or 75 Hz

In addition, higher refresh rates make everything look smoother so you can play games with ease while not getting any lag time.


A game’s framerate is synchronously matched with your monitor’s refresh rate to help prevent screen tearing. Turn V-Sync on in any shooters for an even smoother experience, but you’ll lose out on information so it might not be best if fast-paced games are the only ones that interest gamers; live without those pixels when playing slower-paced titles or strategy based roleplaying video games (and suffer through some tearing).


Nvidia announced a new technology that will sync up with its GPUs. This is called frame synching, and it allows the monitor to show you what your computer graphics card has ready without much delay or lag time.


AMD’s take on frame synching is a similar technique as G-Sync, with one major difference. It uses DisplayPort’s Adaptive-Sync technology which doesn’t cost monitor manufacturers anything extra and allows the user to sync their display without any lag time or stuttering at all.


When you notice movement on your display leaving behind a trail of pixels while watching movies or playing games, this can often be attributed to the monitor’s slow refresh rates.

Response Time

Fast response times are one of the most important factors to look for in a gaming monitor. Ghosting and Frame Skipping can happen when there is too much time between transitions, which makes it difficult or impossible for pixels to change colors quickly enough! A range suitable with an optimal amount being 1-4 milliseconds would be perfect because this will ensure fast graphics performance without any noticeable blurriness.“

TN Panels

TN panels are the most common type of gaming monitor. They tend to have worse viewing angles and color reproduction but higher refresh rates and response times than their counterparts made with cheaper TN panel technology that gives you more for your buck in terms of performance.


IPS panels have the best contrast and color despite having weaker blacks. However, they’re more expensive than their TN counterparts and usually slower to refresh when displaying graphics or video games that depend heavily on motion blur effects for immersion (e-Sports).


Vertical Alignment panels provide good viewing angles and have better contrast than even IPS but are still slower than TN. They’re often a compromise between an LCD screen or LED monitor, depending on your needs for speed as well aesthetic preferences when choosing which type of panel you want to use..


HDR is a new technology that will bring your TV viewing to the next level. With it, you can experience life in all its brilliant colors and breathtaking darkness without any limitations or drawbacks.

Peak Brightness

This refers to the brightness of a monitor or television and is measured in nits.


These screens offer a variety of aspect ratios, including widescreen ones like 32:9 and 21:9.


The number of pixels that make up a monitor’s display, measured by height and width. For example: 1920 x 1080 (aka HD), 2560 x 1440 or 2K, 3840×2160 4k

This is important because it tells us how many colors can be displayed at one time on screen.

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