Dell XPS 15 OLED (2022) Review 

Dell XPS 15 OLED

The Dell XPS 15 is Dell’s top-of-the-line model laptop. Dell has been expanding their product lines to include gaming laptops, Chromebooks, and now they are introducing a new series of OLED display laptops. The Dell XPS 15 (2021) will be Dell’s first foray into OLED displays, with an expected release date of 2021. What does this mean for Dell? Is it worth the wait? Let’s take a look at what we know about this upcoming laptop so far!

  • Series: Dell XPS 15 7590
  • Brand: Dell
  • Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
  • Color: Silver
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Hard Disk Size: 512 GB
  • Chipset Brand: NVIDIA
  • Computer Memory Size: 16GB

The input is about the XPS 15 OLED (9510), but it can also be used as an overview for all laptops that use Microsoft’s Windows OS. The notebook I’ve long awaited has finally arrived. And this 2017 model CPU performs flawlessly in day-to-day activities while being lightweight enough to take everywhere if necessary.

  • Breathtaking 3.5K OLED display
  • Supercharged performance
  • Slim, premium chassis
  • Massive touchpad and spacious keyboard
  • Great speakers
  • SD card slot and Thunderbolt 4 inputs
  • Below-average battery life
  • Heavier than some competitors
  • No USB Type-A

Price and Configurations 

The XPS 15 is a fantastic laptop for those who want to get the most bang for their buck. The base model starts at $1,299 with an FHD+ display and Core i5-11400H processor. But if you’re willing to pay more than this amount then go right ahead because it’s also upgradeable up into higher specifications like 16GB of RAM or 512GB SSDs!

A warning though – make sure that your internet connection has no issues when ordering as upgrading any extra components will definitely bump up prices eventually.

Our 3.5K OLED touchscreen model with a Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and RTX 3050 Ti graphics is the best computer for you if:

1) You want to spend as little money on your tech needs as possible. 2.) Your priority is speed over all else (even though we offer SKUs at higher price points too!)

Dell XPS 15 OLED Design 

The sleek aluminum design looks good with either color combo- not to mention it has an anti-smudging coating for that pristine finish! So go ahead: compare this bad boy against Apple’s newest offering from Cupertino because they’re equally impressive don’t you think? The Dell XPS 15 (2021) OLED laptop is Dell’s latest in their line of laptops. It will be available in 2021 and feature an OLED display with Thunderbolt support to run through the battery life! The Dell XPS 15 has already been reviewed by many other people but this article continues that review into the next sections about design and price. Dell has been expanding their product lines to include gaming laptops, Chromebooks, and now they are introducing a new series of OLED display laptops.

The new XPS 15 has a giant touchpad, paired with tweeters on the top. The speakers are excellent for their audio quality and it still features an understated lid featuring one central Dell logo in chrome reflecting light well at night or indoors where there’s not much natural light coming through windows.

The Dell XPS 15 is a seriously modern laptop. It has the thinnest bezels of any display on this list, with no forehead or chin to speak of! Other features include an IR camera and fingerprint sensor embedded in its keyboard for security during login sessions.

The Dell XPS 15 is a laptop that is heavier and thicker than most other laptops. Because it has a solid metal body, but the size of the laptop still fits in your backpack.

The XPS 15 is a laptop that’s tough to beat. Not only does it have the airtight build quality, but you’ll love how smooth and rigid everything feels in your hands when using this sleek little workhorse!

Dell XPS 15 OLED Ports 

The XPS 15 is one of the few remaining laptops with a full SD card slot. But that godsend for photographers and videographers comes at great expense- four USB ports instead of three when compared to Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup!

On the left side of your laptop, next to a lock slot are two Thunderbolt 4 inputs for charging or connecting peripherals. Flip over and you’ll find USB 3.2 Type-C input alongside a full SD card slot as well as a headphone jack on this side.

I’d take the card reader over a fourth Thunderbolt port (seriously Apple, who needs so many?). The glaring omission on both laptops is USB Type-A inputs although Dell includes an adaptor as the consultation.

Dell XPS 15 OLED Display

Have you ever stared mouth agape at the OLED TVs beaming vibrant colors from afar? Now imagine one of those panels gracing your screen each time you open up a laptop. I’ve had my XPS 15 for about two days now and am still entranced by how good it looks on this gorgeous, oversized 3D panel with its amazing color gamut.

The colors in this video are so vibrant. I can’t help but feel like they make me want to pack up my laptop and head off on vacation!

The 4K nature videos on YouTube will take you anywhere from lush island jungles all the way out into space–which is really where we need to be after watching these epic landscapes anyway, don’t ya think? The display presets had a marked impact when adjusting them for optimum viewing; Animation increased contrast just enough without sacrificing accuracy while Movie mode delivered what was most balanced between punchy visuals coupled with accurate representation.

I watched the new James Bond movie with this laptop and it was so good. I don’t want to go to theaters anymore.

The XPS 15 OLED managed to cover a greater percentage of the DCI-P3 color gamut than even some premium laptops, ranking it high on our list. What’s more interesting is that this panel not only topped average laptop displays but also beat out other panels from competing brands like Apple and Razer.

The Dell XPS 15 laptop has a contrast that is not as good as the ZenBook Pro Duo and MacBook Pro, but it does get very bright.

Keyboard and Touchpad 

I’ve never been one to shy away from giving my opinion, so I have no problem telling you the keyboard on this laptop is just not for me. It’s difficult at best and feels like it will break after some time if used often enough in that fashion because there isn’t much of a click when pressed down which makes typing an absolute pain!

This isn’t a deal-breaker, by any means. The keys are responsive and their low actuation force means your fingers can quickly skip from one to the next. In fact, I found myself typing faster on this XPS than on my mechanical keyboard! Those with big hands will appreciate how Dell made sure there’s space for all of them without having an issue reaching back somewhere strange when needed most (ESC or delete).

I tested my speed and accuracy on the test, where I typed 118 words per minute with an error rate of 96%. This topped my usual 109-word count but there’s a disclaimer attached: My personal laptop is an XPS 15 so it was easy for me to get used to its layout quickly.

Windows 10 gestures on the XPS 15 were responsive and intuitive. I was able to navigate easily with ease. Because of its large touchpad size that suited my hands perfectly well even though it’s big enough for two people to put their hand’s side by side.

Dell XPS 15 OLED Audio

I find myself instinctively bobbing my head to Slenderbodies’ song “superpowered” when they start playing. The guitar is powerful and it has an amazing soundstage with tons of detail as if you’re really there listening.

The new XPS 15 sound studio laptop is a game-changer. I’ve been working with these things for years and was blown away by how clear the vocals were when listening to The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside.” It typically sounds like something out of Tune In Radio on most laptops, but not this one.

What do you get when the world’s best laptop speakers go head to head with your college dorm? The answer is simple: mercilessly blasting out tunes from start to finish. So whether it be rock or rap, this competition will not disappoint.

Dell XPS 15 OLED Performance

The XPS 15 is unlike any laptop I have ever tried. It’s not just fast, it can get things done without breaking a sweat! When the chips are put on this machine and given some new muscles to flex they won’t be fazed at all by anything that comes across their path – even 35 Google Chrome tabs open in four different windows while streaming World Cup soccer matches with ease for hours on end.”

The XPS 15 TR won’t just get you through your workday. This laptop is a powerful beast that will keep up with the most demanding tasks and apps, thanks to its high-speed Intel Core i7 processor!

It took the XPS 15 OLED only 8 minutes and 10 seconds to convert a 4K video file into 1080p resolution using Handbrake. The ZenBook Pro Duo, on average had taken 15:07. However, these powerhouses still managed an impressive 7 seconds for Apple fans with their MacBook Pros completing this task in just seven more minutes (7 + M1 =8).

Our review unit is the fastest. Producing an average of 825.6 megabytes per second which beats out some other competitors by 90% or 400%. It also outlasted MacBook Pro with its 2x faster performance.

Dell XPS 15 OLED Graphics 

The XPS 15 is a portable, ultrathin laptop that can also double as your gaming rig. It features an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU for the perfect balance of power and portability. Just don’t expect to play games at 4K on Ultra settings.

When we ran Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm benchmark, the XPS 15 notched 67 frames per second at 1080p and 42 fps Native 3.5K resolution whereas The MacBook Pro relies on integrated M1 graphics sputtered to just 29.

The XPS 15 managed to beat out some of the best laptops in its category with an 8,433 ranking on synthetic tests. It’s more than twice as good as average (5,411) and way ahead of what you would expect from a normal laptop.

Dell XPS 15 OLED Battery Life 

You can’t beat the XPS 15 for performance! With its 3.5K OLED panel and discrete graphics card, this laptop faced an uphill battle in our Laptop Mag Battery Test–so I wasn’t surprised when it clocked out after just 6 hours and 58 minutes.

The XPS 15 performed admirably for an hour or two without electricity. But it would have been better with just one more charge. That being said the laptop delivered some fast speeds in this time which are unheard of from competitors that can’t last as long on a single battery charge.

Dell XPS 15 OLED Webcam 

The XPS 15 has one of the better 720p webcams I’ve tested. And while that isn’t saying much, a selfie I snapped in my dimly lit room looked surprisingly clear and colors were accurate with my face ranging from Texas-tanned brown to red underlining eyes. Evidence that sleep hasn’t come easy during this pandemic.

This is a great webcam and I love the sleek design. But for those who need higher video quality or a wider field of view. An external camera will be more useful.

Dell XPS 15 OLED Heat 

The new XPS 15 has an Undercarriage that’s big enough to warm the average human body to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. It warmed only slightly above our 95-degree comfort threshold. But nothing too concerning about it reaching 92 or 75 on its keyboard and touchpad respectively after playing a 15-minute 1080p video.

Software and Warranty 

The Dell XPS 15 has a single do-it-all program instead of the eight separate apps on other laptops. The self-explanatory DEll Update will get you updates and drivers while Power Manager shows battery health, lets change thermal settings to make your computer last longer between charges.

OLED is the future of TV, and it’s finally here. With panels like this one from Dell you can choose between different color profiles to suit your personal preferences; whether that means punchy colors for movies or accurate hues preferred during sports games (or both!), there will always be an option suited just right with our new line-up.

The new XPS 15 is a sleek and powerful laptop that will be sure to meet your needs for everyday use. It comes with plenty of features. Including Dell Cinema Guide where you can find TV shows or movies then quickly see which streaming apps they’re available on.

Bottom Line 

The XPS 15 OLED is the best Windows laptop for power users who need to take their work (or play) on the road. Its stylish design screams luxury, its stunning 5k display would impress even a MacBook user and with excellent performance from 11th Gen Intel AND Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti chips it can’t be beaten! This machine makes an ideal student or business professional as well – photographers, videographers anyone that has graphics designing needs will love this bad bounty cool?

But I’ll pause my praise because this isn’t the model everyone should use. For one, it’s expensive and you only get six hours of battery life with a typical nine-to-five workload. And while high resolution 3K panels are amazing on paper (and in real life), seven total hours just won’t cut it for most people”. Dell tends to use top rate 1920 x 1200 pixel displays so if all else fails go there.

I’ve had my XPS for three years and it’s still going strong. But I’m not sure if there are any compelling reasons to upgrade, with the competition in this market lately being so fierce! Maybe lighter options like Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon or more flexible 2-in-1 laptops will better suited when looking at performance per ounce (or kilogram).

The upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro is an imminent threat to MSI’s XPS 15. With its custom Apple chip and large screen, this laptop seems like a better option than the current generation for those who want something portable with plenty of juice in it but don’t need all that processing power or WiFi capabilities usually found only on desktops.


1. Will there be a new XPS 15 in 2021?

Dell’s popular laptops are now more powerful than ever! The company has introduced updated versions of the XPS 15 and 17 with new displays, Intel chipsets that offer up to 3 times as many processing cores for faster performance, as well as Nvidia graphics cards such as RTX 3050 Ti.

2. How much is the Dell XPS 15 2021?

The XPS 15 is a high-end laptop that starts at $1,299. If you’re on the tightest of budgets this means forgoing some premium components but still getting an FHD+ display along with a Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM in return; perfect if all else fails.

3. Is Dell XPS 15 future-proof?

With its powerful processor and graphics card, the XPS 15 is much better suited for future-proofing your laptop. While this may be an issue with battery life, there’s no denying that Macs lack when it comes to performance in comparison with other brands like MSI or ASUS who make excellent laptops too.


The Dell XPS 15 has a single do-it-all program instead of the eight separate apps on other laptops. It comes with an OLED panel that can be adjusted to suit your mood or preferences and is also resistant to burn-in, which means you’ll have more time between screen replacements for this beautiful display. If these features sound like what you’re looking for, head over to our website now and get started configuring your perfect laptop today!

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