5 Best Logitech MeetUp Software

Best Logitech MeetUp Software

The Logitech meetup software is the best video conferencing app on the market. The Logitech meetup software is the best video conferencing app on the market. The Logitech team has created a product that is not only easy to use but also affordable and useful for any business. 

Its simple-to-use features are perfect for anyone that wants to improve their communication with customers or employees. The Logitech meetup software offers all of the great features you would expect from an industry leader like Logitech, without costing too much time or money!

Logitech MeetUp Features – what else?

There is so much about Logitech meetup software that makes it one of the best apps available today for business meetings, webinars, and conferences. Other features include:


  • – Zoom functionality
  • – Logitech dial pad integration
  • – Logitech recording
  • – Logitec meetup software meeting scheduling capabilities
  • – Logitec meetup software free trial availability (no credit card required) and more!
Image Product Name Check Price
 Logitech MeetUp – Small Meeting Room Check Price
Logitech MeetUp HD Video and Audio Check Price
Logitech Group HD Video and Audio Conferencing Check Price
Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera – USB HD 1080P Check Price
Logitech BRIO UHD 4K Webcam Check Price

There are 5 Best Logitech MeetUp Software

1. Logitech MeetUp – Small Meeting Room HD Audio and Video Conferencing System

  • Brand: Logitech
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB
  • Lens Type: Wide-Angle

Logitech’s first conference notebook is designed specifically for commercial-grade video meetings in meeting rooms and small conference rooms. Logitech MeetUp app for iOS and Android provides a simple, intuitive interface to join or host a video call or conference with one tap. 

  • Logitech’s premier conference cam for business-grade video meetings
  • Super wide 120-degree field of view enables everyone Sensitivity: 27db
  • The built-in audio features 3 microphones with a custom-tuned speaker
  • HD video quality including ultra 4k, 1080p and 720p
  • Expensive.
  • Digital zoom means fully enlarged images are fuzzy.
  • No included control software.
  • Lacks on-device controls.

2. Logitech MeetUp HD Video and Audio Conferencing System

  • Brand: Logitech
  • Series: LOGITECH INC.
  • Special Feature: Low Light
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Connectivity Technology: USB

Logitech’s Meet Up is the perfect solution for conferences and huddles. With a wide field of view, it makes sure that every seat at your table will be visible with its super 120° lens which can reach up to 170 degrees panning or tilting!

With three horizontally-aimed beamforming microphones and custom tuning by an expert team made up of Microsoft employees along with third-party experts in acoustics engineering, this service delivers optimal sound quality for every occasion while looking good too thanks to windows7/8 1or 10MAC OS10 .1and higher ChromeOS 29 version 1547 7or0 later, and Android 5.0 or above devices.

  • It’s simple to set up and use.
  • It supports UltraHD 4K video at 30 frames per second.
  • Pan-tilt-zoom camera with a wide-angle lens
  • High-quality audio codec with integrated capabilities
  • The smartphone app that allows you to remotely control your home entertainment system
  • The optional audio extension mic is rather pricey.
  • The system-restart software is available as a separate download.
  • The focal length of the lens changes, but not in a significant manner.
  • USB 2.0 cable is provided instead of USB 3.0

3. Logitech Group HD Video and Audio Conferencing System

  • Brand: Logitech
  • Series: 960-001054
  • Style: Main
  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and macOS 10.10 or higher

The camera is a 585g/21oz motorized PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) unit, identical to the CC3000e’s. It supports full HD resolution at 30fps and autofocus with 10x lossless zoom! As well it has an onboard video processor for H264 /SVC or UVC 1.5

The cables are generous in length: 5m/16ft for the camera and speakerphone, 2 meters long with a power input from your laptop or desktop PC. You can also hook up an AC adapter if you need extended reach!

  • High-resolution, high-definition images.
  • It works with a variety of video-conferencing services.
  • It’s extremely easy to use.
  • But for most people, it’s all they need.
  • 4K video quality isn’t as strong as some rivals.

4. Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera

  • Brand: Logitech
  • Series: LOGITECH INC.
  • Special Feature: Low Light
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Connectivity Technology: USB

The PTZ-851E is a versatile, high-definition camera that delivers detailed video and still image capture. Ideal for conference rooms, training environments, or large events it can be used professionally in any setting where an excellent quality picture must be shown to viewers with sharp resolutions as well as outstanding color reproduction at every viewing distance from zero up close!

  • HD 1080p video quality at 30 frames/second
  • 90-degree Field of View
  • Full HD 10X lossless zoom controlled from remote
  • Camera mount, table, or wall
  • Expensive.
  • Camera REMOTE CONTROL 10-foot (3 meters) range useable

Brio 4K Pro is a webcam that will give your video streaming skills the professional touch. It has a high-dynamic range and supports HDR, so you can capture every detail in crisp clarity for an even more immersive experience! 

5. Logitech BRIO UHD 4K Webcam

  • Brand: AOM
  • Special Feature: Infrared
  • Video Capture Resolution: 4K
  • Connectivity Technology: Infrared, USB

This device also offers up to 5X optical zoom without sacrificing frame rate or resolution which means it’s perfect whether browsing social media pages at home or recording events on location with ease – no matter what level production manager needs are met here.

  • Sharply detailed resolution with vibrant colors
  • Wide-angle field of view
  • Infrared-based facial recognition
  • Expensive
  • 4K-ready apps and services are still scarce


The Logitech meetup usb connects your desktop or laptop to a 5 meter 2.0 usb cable and an optical cable for one of the best in class video surveillance systems with high definition 1080p clarity and includes everything you need to get started including usb power, a camera base, remote control, lens cover cap anti-glare screen protector ultra-wide angle 270° rotating bracket xl adjustment handle & ac adapter.


The audio conference system from Logitech is designed to easily connect up to 50 participants in a meeting room. It features two microphones, a remote control with volume controls and a microphone mute button for hands-free operation, wireless audio connection with the use of Bluetooth or infrared links.

The camera can be used as well – this feature allows you to display your presentations on the big screen at home by connecting directly via cable.


  • meet up is a cam and video conferencing system with two-way audio and smart features for huddle rooms, breakout rooms, or other smaller spaces designed to fit in tight corners and cabinets. meet up’s modular design allows users to quickly add one of three optional modules that allow it to work as a single camera or as an all-in-one conference cam/holographic projector combination.
  • 2.’meeting’ Owl Pro cam can be placed on any ceiling mounted

Huddle Room

1. UHU Smart Meeting Room is a huddle room style conference room with an ultra-wide angle lens and free high-quality video conferencing software that supports audio voice, text chat, and screen sharing along with a huddle room cam for face-to-face meetings.

2. Avera Cam 340 (sometimes known as Logitech 4 K Pro) is an all-in-one meeting room webcam which comes with two mountable arms which can be rotated up or down so you can adjust it according.


Logitech focuses on the Logi MeetUp, which consists of a pan tilt zooming 4K 360° camera that works for both PCs and Macs. Making sure you get good quality video is important when recording meetings in locations where you can’t easily walk around. With this software, it’s easy to make setups with up to 6 participants available within seconds.


Logitech meetup is a service that provides the Logitech meetup conference cam along with other products in its range. The product helps to set up video conferencing in schools, offices, and professional meetings.

It allows users to communicate via video or webcams without any external equipment or software downloads required for computer systems.


The zoom function of this camera will allow you to zoom into any part of the room and pick up details that you could not see before. If there is a need for clarity, then this camera will be your best choice as it comes with three pre-set scenes such as Presentation 1 (whiteboard), Presentation 2 (group) and Meeting mode.


Logitech MeetUp webcam is a plug-and-play webcam that allows people to join meetings from anywhere using their computers, phones, or laptops. It also supports video calls on skype for business.

The Logitech meet-up features an inverted wide-angle lens which gives it a 1:1 field-of-view ratio while preventing blind spots in the meeting room. Logitech Meetup support HD resolution with a 720p frame rate at 30fps FLASH setting ensures smooth streaming even when bandwidth may be slow resulting from shared.


The speakerphone uses beamforming technology to let you easily hear the person in front of your camera, while also being able to use the speakerphone without speaking into it. This is especially useful for meetings where people are sitting or standing around a table.


1. The new tv-mounting device is designed to hold your tv and mirror, and it weighs only 9 pounds (5kg) – that’s less than our old unit did! For those who like a clean look, the tv mount can be mounted on the wall or placed on top of a conventional table with its included 360-degree swiveling support bracket.

2. In addition to being an ideal desktop accessory for home use as well as in meetings rooms, Logitech


The Logitech Meetup Audio Conference System is a skype room system that supports up to five users simultaneously. The only difference with the previous version of this product is that it now has four microphones, which makes it even more useful for video conferencing and audio calls.

This camera works well in small meeting rooms or conference rooms where quality audio can be important.

Remote Control

There are many remote control applications for the PC. But the majority of them require you to use your mouse or keyboard-for example, software like MouseWorks that helps manage multiple computer screens at once.

Meetup allows you to control all these remotely with just a remote control attached wirelessly or cordlessly to your phone.

The Table

Meetup is the best table cam for small conference rooms. With the right software, you can manage your audience and make sure they’re in a perfect position to see what you want them to.

Logitech 1080p

1080p Over USB 2.0 Camera with 1080p HDMI Cable (K400) is popular in Electronics for its best sellers in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Video Conferencing Software

The meetUp software video conferencing allows you to have video calls with your online friends. It has a built-in camera that gives color contrast adjustment on both sides of the screen, so it is very easy for everyone in the meeting room to see each other clearly at all times.

Conference Room

5 Best Logitech MeetUp Software is the most comprehensive conference room software program designed to work with logitcg’s meet-up conference room camera. It offers users many different features that are not available in any other meeting room solutions on the market today.


The Logitech meet-up mac is one of the mac Conference’s best products, it has an amazing dynamic range. On mac computers, you can use skype for business to attend meetings with others using this product.

Purchase this item if you are looking for a high-quality conference room system that offers exceptional sound and video performance along with ease of use for conferencing applications on windows or mac os laptops/desktop computers (from windows 7 / 10 upwards). Use hd webcam checker online.

Ultra HD

1. The ultra hd pro-level webcam has a rugged design with an IP52/IP55 rating for great resistance to water, splashes, and dust.


Knowledge is Power! There are a lot of Microsoft teams Room solutions available in the market. To get more knowledge, you may follow some of the best Microsoft teams room software reviews on this blog which will help you to choose the best meeting solution for your organization.


The whiteboard is equipped with a whiteboard pen, a whiteboard eraser, and a whiteboard marker. It enables users to sketch out ideas or notes on the wall in front of them in real time during a meeting.


The Logitech meetup software is an essential tool to connect your laptop and your laptop screen with web conferencing. This way you can control video calls, meetings, and webcasts by using your laptop PC or Laptop’s touchpad easily without any errors.

Video Quality

The video quality comes from the wide-angle camera that has remarkable ultra hd 4 K optics. The meeting sound quality is accomplished by three horizontally-aimed beam-forming mics, custom-tuned speaker technology, and about 140 dB of dynamic range in stereo mode.


Logitech MeetUp Screensharing – how it works?

Screen sharing with the Logitec meetup software is incredibly easy to do. The app allows users that are already connected through video conferencing or voice chat to share their screen at any time by clicking a button on the Logitech menu bar in your computer’s toolbar. 

This feature can be especially useful when trying to help out family members. Who has questions about using certain computer programs? popular apps like Facebook and Netflix.

Does Logitech MeetUp have optical zoom?

Yes, Logitech meetup software includes a nice optical zoom feature. That allows users to have more control over how they appear on the screen. Having digital zoom capabilities isn’t very useful.

The Logitech team has included this great little function in their meeting app. which works quickly and easily for anyone who wants better video conferencing results without having to spend any money at all! Logitech MeetUp Works Anywhere – try it out for FREE! Logitech MeetUp is the best video conferencing app available on the market today.

Which one is better: cloud-based or on-premises MeetUp software?

Cloud-based MeetUp software is the most popular option for on-demand events. On-premises MeetUp systems are cheaper in terms of licensing fees and typically offer additional functionality such as online payments and automated ticketing.


Logitech MeetUp is a great video conferencing app that works with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It allows you to get together with up to 10 people in one room and share your screen so everyone can see what you’re doing at the same time.

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