11 Best Laptops Under 1500 Dollars in 2023

Best Laptops Under 1500 Dollars

The Best Laptops under 1500 Dollars are very popular with those looking for a bargain, but it is not always the best option. In fact, there are plenty of other options out there that will provide you with more value for your money. This article will explore the top laptops on the market today that have high performance and decent battery life at an affordable price.

Do you need a 1500 Dollars Laptop?

You may be tempted to buy a 1500 Dollars laptop if you are searching for a new laptop for work or school. However, you should not go for a 1500 Dollars laptop if you don’t need it. It is always better to buy a good quality laptop at a lower price.

It is true that a 1500 Dollars laptop is more powerful than a $100 laptop, but if you don’t need it, it is better to spend your money on something else.

Best laptops under 1500 dollars are best suited for normal home users, as well as people who are on the go. They are lightweight and durable laptops that are ideal for both casual gaming and daily tasks. Their minimum and recommended system requirements make them ideal for both beginners and advanced users.

The average laptop for normal family use can be quite expensive, so if you are simply looking for a laptop to browse the internet on or read books and ebooks, you should opt for very cheap laptops.

List of the Best Laptops Under 1500 Dollars are following as:

  1. Asus ROG Strix G15
  2. MSI GS66
  3. Razer Blade 15
  4. Acer Predator Helios 300
  5. Gigabyte AERO 15
  6. HP Newest 17t
  7. Dell XPS 15 9500
  8. Lenovo Legion 5
  9. Apple MacBook Pro
  10. Microsoft Surface Book 2
  11. LG Gram 14

11 Best Laptops Under 1500 Dollars in 2022

Images Products Name Price
Asus ROG Strix G15 Check Price
MSI GS66 Check Price
Razer Blade 15 Check Price
Acer Predator Helios 300 Check Price
Gigabyte AERO 15 Check Price
HP Newest 17t Check Price
Dell XPS 15 9500 Check Price
Lenovo Legion 5 Check Price
Apple MacBook Pro Check Price
Microsoft Surface Book 2 Check Price
LG Gram 14 Check Price

Laptops are one of the most important devices that you can use. It is a great device for both work and entertainment. You can use laptops for work, entertainment, and also for gaming.

But, if you want to get the best laptop under 1500 dollars, then you need to check out the following features. Best Laptops Under 1500 Dollars in 2022 Reviewed. To make sure you get the best laptops under 1500 dollars, so let’s have a look at some of the top contenders.

Here are 11 Best Laptops Under 1500 Dollars in 2022:

1. Best Overall: Asus ROG Strix G15


Brand: ASUS
Series: ROG Strix G15
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Color: Black
Hard Disk Size: 512 GB
CPU Model: Core i7
Ram: 16 GB
Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Asus ROG Strix G15 is the best laptop under 1500 dollars. It is a 15.6-inch gaming lap with a powerful Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. This gaming lap can handle most of your daily tasks easily

The high performance of this laptop means that it can be used for both work and play, making it perfect for students or professionals who need to do their job while also having fun on weekends

Asus ROG Strix G15 offers a wide range of features at an affordable price point, including up to 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD storage space, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 VRAM Graphics Card, and more!

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  • Long lasting battery life (about 8 hours)
  • Keyboard is very responsive and comfortable to type too 3 Easy setup 4 Decent webcam resolution FHD IPS display.
  • Exterior screen resistence – moderately durable, High
  • Poor sound 2 Weak processor compared to other options
  • The keyboard isn’t a mechanical one… it’s an illuminated membrane type! and gets patchy after 6 months of use 2~3 Speakers are weak

2. Best Runner Up: MSI GS66


Brand: MSI
Series: GS66 Stealth
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Color: Core Black
Hard Disk Size: 1 TB
CPU Model: Core i7
Ram: 32 GB
Operating System: Windows 10 Home

MSI GS66 is one of the best laptops under 1500 dollars. It has an 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. You can also play games on it with its powerful CPU, and the keyboard is good for gaming too.

If you are looking for a laptop that will let you game on it, then this is your choice! This model has everything you need in terms of hardware so that all your favorite games run smoothly on it! The design looks great as well which makes this laptop even more appealing to use!

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  • Powerful quad core Intel i7
  • 256 GB SSD for fast loading of games and apps. Very good RAM, 8GB DDR4 2400MHZ which offers loads of space to run multiple programs at once with ease.
  • Loud and clear 15.6 inch FHD IPS panel with wide viewing angle
  • USB-C port which can be used to transfer data at blazing speeds (5Gbps) Easily charges laptop, even on an airplane !!!
  • The MSI GS65 is a gaming powerhouse! It comes with 8 cores of maximum power in this price range. The recommended RAM choices are 16 GB or 32 GB but when there’s no slot for your
  • No Amplifier included! If you are playing games and all of a sudden your headphones go off, then you are not able to hear the sound on that unbearable silence.

3. Best Gaming Laptop – Razer Blade 15


Brand: Razer
Series: Blade 15 Advanced
Screen Size: 15 Inches
Hard Disk Size: 1 TB
CPU Model: Core i7
Ram: 16 GB
Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Razer Blade 15 is a powerful laptop that comes with all the necessary features to work on multiple tasks. The hardware specifications of this laptop include 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U processor, 15.6-inch Full HD display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage and NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card. This laptop is one of the best laptops under 1500 dollars in the market.

  • Full HD display (1080p).
  • Latest 10th gen Intel Core i7 processing with fast memory.
  • High native resolution 1440 x 900 or 1080p screen.
  • The Razer blade 15 has full-HD screen. Its processor can be upgraded to the most recent 11.6 which is compatible up to Win10 Pro 64bit operating system too!
  • 16 GB of RAM are provided in default configuration.
  • No touchscreen.
  • The keyboard area requires some efforts to type fast such as using custom key mapping software for optimal typing.
  • The package does come with a wrist pad which makes the operating much more comfortable!
  • If you are looking for a best-in-class gaming buddy that will give load hours of game play, then the Gigabyte P34w v5 would be an ideal

4. Best Value for Money: Acer Predator Helios 300


Brand: Acer
Series: PH315-53-72XD
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Color: Abyss Black
Hard Disk Size: 512 GB
CPU Model: Corei7-10750H
Ram: 16 GB
Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Acer Predator Helios 300 is a great value-for-money laptop. It has decent performance and is highly responsive. It has a very good battery life, and you can easily go for long hours without charging it. The best part is that it has an Intel Core i7 processor, which makes it one of the best laptops under 1500 dollars.

Acer Predator Helios 300 has features like 10th gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 512 GB HDD, and a 15.6-inch display. It comes with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card.

Dual M.2 SSD slots, Windows 10 Home 64 bit IPS quad HD display, and backlit keyboard features.

  • Attractive price.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • 1ms Response time.
  • 144Hz Refresh rate.
  • It has USB 3.0 ports
  • Fast charger port.
  • Attractive Design.
  • Light and Portable.
  • It does not support technical recruitment.
  • No touchscreen.
  • Average battery life.

5. Best 4K Laptop: Gigabyte AERO 15


Series: AERO 15 OLED YD-73US624SP
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Color: Black
Hard Disk Size: 1 TB
CPU Model: Intel Mobile CPU
Ram: 16 GB
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

Gigabyte AERO 15 is the best 4K laptop under 1500 dollars in 2022. It has a thin and lightweight design, that comes with the latest Intel Core i7-8750H processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics, and 16GB of RAM. The laptop also comes with a 15.6-inch full HD display with a 144Hz refresh rate and Nvidia G-Sync technology. It is backed by a 1TB hard drive and a 256GB SSD.

  • It has a great ANDROID LAPTOP gaming experience on it. It can be used for CATIA and other softwares that uses an extensive graphics processor to offer the best quality when being used as well!
  • The audio system is also superb, large speakers make your sound clear which makes watching/playing videos in zero-light really exceptional too:)
  • The screen size of this laptop is amazing with 33% larger than many others we have.
  • One of the most popular complaints with this is that sometimes it can take time to start up. This problem was reportedly fixed by Gigabyte and many have had no trouble since !

6. Best from HP: HP Newest 17t


Brand: HP
Screen Size: 17.3 Inches
Hard Disk Size: 512 GB
CPU Model: Intel Core i5
Ram: 32 GB
Operating System: Windows 11 Home
Graphics Coprocessor: Intel Iris Xe Graphics
CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz
Hard Disk Description: SSD

HP Envy 17T is a powerful laptop that comes with a full HD display and a great design. It comes with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor, which is the best processor for gaming. The best laptops under 1500 dollars are available in the market are HP Envy 17T.

The new laptop has a 17.3-inch screen with a resolution of ‎1600 x 900 Pixels. This gives you a sharp and clear picture. It has an Intel Core i5 processor which is very fast.

The RAM is 32 GB which is more than enough for your daily tasks. It has a 512 GB hard drive which can store all your favorite files and software. The storage drives make your data very portable and hence you can use it anywhere anytime without worrying about any loss of files on the hard drive.

  • Bright and beutiful backlit display.
  • Good looking design.
  • Excellent Backlit Keyboard.
  • Touchscreen.
  • Reasonable price.
  • The battery life is not good enough.
  • Heavy weight.
  • .

7. Best for Professionals: Dell XPS 15 9500


Brand: Dell
Series: XPS9500-7002SLV-PUS
Screen Size: 15 Inches
CPU Model: Intel Core i7
Operating System: Windows 10 Home
Card Description: Dedicated
Graphics Coprocessor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

Dell XPS 15 9500 is the best laptop under 1500 dollars. Dell XPS 15 9500 is a great laptop for professionals who want to work on their projects in the office or at home. This laptop comes with a powerful processor and a huge 15inch display.

The processor of this laptop is Intel Core i7-10750H, which is a high-performance processor for multitasking. The RAM of this laptop is 16 GB, which is enough to run multiple. The graphics processor is the‎NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4GB of dedicated Graphics Card Ram.

  • Attractive premium design.
  • Excellent comfortable keyboard.
  • Gorgeous display.
  • The sound quality is good.
  • Great performance.
  • Heavy in weight.
  • Expensive.
  • Middling SSD speed.

8. Best from Lenovo: Lenovo Legion 5


Brand: Lenovo
Series: Legion 5 15″
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Color: Phantom Black
Hard Disk Size: 512 GB
CPU Model: Ryzen 7 4800H
Ram: 16 GB
Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Lenovo Legion 5 is a great laptop under 1500 dollars. It comes with the latest and most powerful hardware. The laptop is also portable and easy to carry. The best part of this laptop is its design and performance. This laptop is perfect for students, professionals, and gaming enthusiasts. It has good battery life and it is portable.

The best laptops under 1500 dollars are the new series of Lenovo Legion 5. These laptops have been made to be lightweight and portable, with a full HD display and all the latest specifications.

The Lenovo Legion 5 comes with the latest hardware which can be used for heavy work. It comes with Ryzen 7 4800H CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti GPU. It has 16GB RAM and 612GB storage and the Windows 10 operating system.

  • Excellent performance.
  • Fast Refresh Rate.
  • Well built.
  • Good looking design.
  • Light and portable.
  • Expensive.
  • Short battery life.
  • No optical drive.

9. Best with MacOS: Apple MacBook Pro


Brand: Apple
Series: MacBook Pro
Screen Size: 13.3 Inches
Color: Space Gray
Hard Disk Size: 256 GB
CPU Model: Apple M1
Ram: 16 GB
Card Description: Integrate

If you are looking for a laptop that is not only powerful but also affordable, then the Apple MacBook Pro might be the best option for you. Apple MacBook Pro is a popular laptop that is extremely powerful and comes with the latest operating system. The Apple MacBook Pro is the best laptop under 1500 dollars in 2022.

It has a sleek design, good performance, and is lightweight. The latest version of the Apple MacBook Pro comes with a Touch Bar that displays different actions like showing your battery life, volume, and more. It also has a FaceTime camera for video calling and screen sharing.

The new model has an improved keyboard with more key travel and 1mm of additional key width to make typing easier. The 13.3” MacBook Pro comes only in Space Gray color but changes from 16 gigabytes to 256 GB of ram.

  • Up to 20 hours of battery life.
  • Comfortable keyboard.
  • Premium Design.
  • Great performance.
  • Light and portable.
  • Up to 2.8x Faster-Processing performance than the previous generation.
  • Outrageously fast and powerful.
  • Unbelievable energy efficiency.
  • Expensive.
  • Only two USB-C ports.
  • Maximum RAM size 16 GB.

10. Best 2-in-1: Microsoft Surface Book 2


Brand: Microsoft
Series: Surface Book
Screen Size: 13.5 Inches
Color: Silver
Hard Disk Size: 16 GB
CPU Model: Core i7-8650U
Ram: 16 GB
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is the best laptop under 1500 dollars it has an excellent display, a sturdy keyboard, and a powerful performance in a lightweight device. The PixelSense display measures 13.5 inches in size and offers a resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels. It is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. The device is available in different configurations.

For students who want to be productive in their work and also spend time playing games, there are laptops that are best for you. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is a powerful laptop that comes with the latest Windows 10 pro. This laptop is known for its sleek design and powerful performance.

It is also equipped with the latest technology like Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, and excellent battery life.

  • Sleek and premium design.
  • Powerful Graphics performance.
  • Up to 17 hours of battery life.
  • High-Quality case.
  • Fanless Design.
  • Light and portable.
  • USB Type-C Port.
  • Excellent Keyboard.
  • Good performance.
  • Excellent touchscreen.
  • No Thunderbolt 3 support.
  • No Surface Pen included.
  • No optical drive.

11. Best Ultrabook: LG Gram 14


Brand: LG
Series: 14Z90P-K.AAB6U1
Screen Size: 14 Inches
Color: Black
Hard Disk Size: 512 GB
CPU Model: Core i7 Family
Ram: 16 GB
Operating System: Win 11

LG Gram 14 is the best Ultrabook under 1500 dollars. It is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and 512GB HDD. The laptop is having a 14-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels.

It has the latest features like two USB Type-C, Thunderbolt 4, USB A 3.2, an HDMI port, a full-size HDMI port, a micro SD card reader, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The LG Gram 14 also has a nice design and is very portable. It has 16 GB RAM and 512GB hard drive.

  • Ultra-Lightweight body.
  • Powerful performance.
  • Ultra-portable.
  • Amazing quality.
  • Thunderbolt 4 support.
  • It has a SD card reader.
  • Decent battery life.
  • Poor Speaker.
  • Realtek audio driver and DTS-X Ultra do not work properly together.
  • Updated LG gram was supposed to have better audio than the previous generation.
  • Sticky keyboard.


Can we get a good gaming laptop for under1500 Dollars?

Gaming laptops are extremely popular and easy to find. It is not difficult to find a laptop that is under1500 Dollars, as long as you know what to look for. However, finding a laptop that will meet your needs can be a little more difficult.

You need to consider the features of the laptop, the price range, and if you need an upgrade in the near future. You should also consider the power of the laptop and its capabilities in comparison to other laptops on the market. If you need a laptop that can handle any task, then gaming laptops may not be your best choice.

Although they are extremely powerful and can play high-end games with ease, it is important to make sure that you purchase one of those with good battery life. Because when playing games for long periods of time the battery will drain out very quickly. You should also consider buying a new laptop if some upgrades have been made to the laptop.

If you make a purchase if some of its parts have been upgraded and will allow you to use it considerably better than before.

Which sub-$1500 laptop should a globetrotter opt for?

A sub-$1500 laptop is a great option for a globetrotter. The best laptops under 1500 dollars are perfect for business professionals who need a reliable, powerful laptop for their daily work. Laptops under $1500 have all the essential features, which help them to complete their daily tasks efficiently.

The laptops come with reliable processors, large hard drives, high-resolution screens, and advanced software options that are essential for business professionals. The best laptops under 1500 dollars are also affordable and very easy. A lot of people underestimate the laptop.

They think that if they are not getting a computer with more than one monitor, then it is an inferior model. But actually, this makes laptops perfect for globetrotters because there will be no distraction when you are working on your laptop in foreign lands

The Surface Laptop has been designed to fit the travel bill perfectly and can easily go from carrying around as just another bag item in your carry-on to the centerpiece of your office. The laptop can easily connect wirelessly with 4 different types of wireless connections giving you flexibility when on the move and playing online games or watching videos from a foreign country.

The Pavilion is lightweight, simple, and easy – an excellent option for globetrotters who need minimal computer functions. But top hardware specifications that enable great multimedia performance while they’re away. From basic word processing, and email support to internet browsing.

Which is the best sub-1500 Dollars laptop for students?

When it comes to laptops, there are many sub-1500 Dollars laptops available in the market. But what makes a laptop good for students? There are many factors that need to be considered before purchasing a laptop.

You should look for a laptop that has a large screen, is lightweight, and has an SSD hard drive. This laptop should also have good battery life and at least 8GB of RAM. Also, it should have all the necessary ports, such as USB 3.0, HDMI, and enough hardware for standard productivity tasks.

However, upgrading the RAM or installing a solid-state hard drive might be an option should you find it necessary in the future and this will also prevent heat issues that can lead to burning down your laptop with constant use of the software.

Should a laptop with 8GB RAM be good enough for the given price point?

The best laptops under 1500 dollars are those that have the best specs and feature sets. The best laptops under 1500 dollars have at least 8GB RAM, a processor of Intel Core i3 or i5, an SSD hard drive, and an HD display. A good display is essential to provide the user with an immersive experience and make it easy to do multitask.

Which should be the important feature to invest in for sub-1500 Dollars gaming notebooks?

A gaming notebook can be very expensive, with the best ones costing around 1500 Dollars. However, with a good processor and graphics card, you can get a great gaming experience for under 1500 Dollars. However, it is very important to consider the features of a gaming notebook.

The best laptops under 1500 dollars should have a great processor and graphics card, which can deliver a smooth gaming experience. The screen size should also be at least 15 inches, which will provide you with a great viewing experience.


  1. The best notebooks under 1500 dollars should have the following key features:
  2. 12-15 hours of battery life
  3. SSD (Solid State Drive)
  4. NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti or AMD RX 550
  5. 1080p screen resolution with G-Sync or FreeSync
  6. Backlit keyboard and trackpad
  7. Ports to connect multiple peripherals, including a USB 3.0 port and HDMI port for VR headsets
  8. 4K screen resolution for high.

Is it advisable to invest in a convertible for the given price tag?

Convertible laptops are great, they can be used in different ways and the convertible design is an added advantage. However, you should not blindly buy a convertible laptop. A convertible laptop can cost as much as an ordinary laptop, but it also needs to be equipped with a keyboard that can handle a touchscreen.

It is not advisable to buy a convertible laptop at a price tag of less than 1500 Dollars.

Is a MacBook Pro a good buy when it comes to selecting a laptop in the sub-1500 Dollars price segment?

A MacBook Pro is a good buy when it comes to selecting a laptop in the sub-1500 Dollars price segment. It is the best laptop under 1500 Dollars, and I have been using it for the past three years. I have never had any issues with it.

It has great performance, and you can get it at a very affordable price.


Laptops are the most essential computing devices for every individual. The laptops are easily available in all parts of the world. There are different laptops available in the market, which can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

The laptops are not only used for work but also for personal purposes. The laptops can be used for education, gaming, internet browsing, and many more. But, it is very important to know what features you need in your laptop so that you can make the right choice.

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